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Current Planning Applications

South Norfolk Council Planning

Application No: 2023/2482

Location: 48 The Street, Geldeston

Proposal: Ground and first floor rear extensions.  Installation of 2 No pitched dormer windows to front elevation roof.


Application No: 2023/0149

Location: 84 The Street, Geldeston

Proposal: Rear extension and pitch roof on existing garage

2023/0149 Clink here for link

2023/0149 clink for document


South Norfolk Village Clusters

Document outlining latest details

Closing date for comments 8th March 2023


Broads Authority Planning

Application No: BA/2023/0022/TPO
Proposal: Tree Protection Order 

Address: Dunburgh Road, Geldeston.

Application No: BA/2023/0290/FUL
Proposal: Provide surfaced area for 20 vehicles.  Renovate existing fishing lake.  Install/replace 20 fishing platforms (Retrospective)

Address: Orchard House, Dunburgh Road, Geldeston.

BA/2023/0168/FUL for link

Application No: BA/2023/0168/FUL
Proposal: Install 18 wooden angling platforms for use 39 weeks per year in conjunction with EA closed season

Address: Orchard House, Dunburgh Road, Geldeston.

Application No: BA/2023/0031/FUL
Proposal: 25x tidal river wooden angling platforms
Address: Orchard House, Dunburgh Road, Geldeston 

BA/2023/0031/FUL for link
BA/2023/0031/FUL for Documents

Application No: BA/2022/0468/FUL
Proposal : Repair and strengthening of bridge
Address : Bridge On Locks Lane, Geldeston At Northwest Entrance To The Locks Inn Community Pub,

BA/2022/0468/FUL for link
BA/2022/0468/FUL for Document
Closure: 23/12/22

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