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Land & assets

Here we give details of parish land holdings and Council assets.

Village Hall

The Parish Council is the custodian trustee for Geldeston Memorial Hall. Council’s only role is to hold the trust deed. The hall is run by the Village Hall Management Trustees.

Land holdings

The Parish Council manages on behalf of the parish several plots of land in the village.

  • the Saw pit next to the Wherry Inn car park

  • the Stone pit on Station Road

  • two small segments of land either side of the north end of Heath Road

  • the Clumps, a triangle of land at the junction of Gillingham Road and Dunburgh Road.

Some of the trees on the Clumps and the coronation oak on the Saw pit are protected by tree preservations orders.

The land on which the children’s playground is situated is owned by South Norfolk District Council.


The playing field on Station Road is rented by the Council from the Poors Allotment Trust.  Where we have allotments and a Green Project.


Council assets include

  • the bus shelter attached the Wherry Inn

  • the village sign

  • Saw pit bench and picnic table

  • the bench in memoriam on the Kells estate

  • children’s playground equipment, gate and fencing

  • two grit bins located on the Kells estate

  • four dog litter bins

  • fencing and gates on the playing field

  • office equipment & materials.

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