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We are in our third lockdown and are all, doubtless, sick and tired of being restricted and confined in what we do.

The vaccine manufacturers, with one recent exception (Johnson and Johnson), all say that you need two jabs before you are protected against Covid-19. And that is not infallible but it reduces considerably your chances of catching the virus and, they believe, the severity of the illness if you are among the unfortunate few who still get a dose. Therefore, I should continue to observe the basic defensive measures of social distancing and mask-wearing until you have had the second jab, and probably after that.

By summer a large proportion of the UK population will have had two jabs. Then, and only then, can we consider returning to normal -- or, as some people call it, the new normal.

Why You Should Still Wear A Mask And Avoid Crowds After Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

"It may seem counterintuitive, but health officials say that even after you get vaccinated against COVID-19, you still need to practice the usual pandemic precautions, at least for a while. That means steering clear of crowds, continuing to wear a good mask in public, maintaining 6 feet or more of distance from people outside your household and frequently washing your hands. We talked to infectious disease specialists to get a better understanding of why. ..."


COVID Vaccination Programme

Coronavirus COVID-19 Community Help Hub

The people of Geldeston and surrounding villages, have set up a community mutual aid help group.  

This is for people that require help through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Facebook Page is Geldeston Coronavirus Community Resilience Hub.

There is also a Whatsapp group called Geldeston Mutual Aid,


Useful Links:
NHS Overview
South Norfolk Council Virus Page
Government Latest

Geldeston Emergency Hub Report

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